Big Swan Lake Improvement Association

Big Swan Lake is located in southeast Todd County, approximately 100 air miles northwest of Minneapolis. It has 918 acres of surface water with a maximum depth of approximately 47 feet. Forty four percent of the lake is littoral (15 feet or less in depth). It is the largest of 11 named lakes in the Swan River Watershed. The mouth of the Swan River is located on the north end of the Big Swan Lake. The Swan River flows into the Mississippi River south of the City of Little Falls.

The Big Swan Lake Association was formed in 1985 initially to deal with a floating bog, approximately 1 acre in size, that migrated around the lake causing damage to docks and boat lifts. After acquiring DNR approval, the Association raised thousands of dollars and its members contributed hundreds of hours to remove the bog from the lake.

In August of 2001 the Association filed with the State of Minnesota for designation as a Non-Profit Corporation and has maintained that designation since 2001.