"Improving Big Swan Lake of Todd County"
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Welcome to the official website of the Big Swan Lake Improvement Association of Todd County, MN!
The Big Swan Lake Improvement Association of Todd County, MN is a non-profit organization focused on the overall improvement of our lake. Our purpose is to protect and improve the water quality, fishery and recreational value of Big Swan Lake, Todd County, and its watershed

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Property Owners Receive
Land Stewardship Award
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Todd County Soil and Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors selected the the Big Swan Lake Shoreland Property Owners to recieve Todd County's Land Stewardship Award for 2015! This award is based on contributions landowners have made working with the Lake Association and the LID. Congratulations to all!!!
Click here to see the letter from Todd County
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Click here to see the Award Certificate.
And be sure to join us at the next L.I.D. and Lake Association meeting for more...

Join Us For Our Next Meeting!
Our next member meeting is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th at The Hub on Long Lake! The member meeting will begin immediately following the Lake Improvement District (LID) meeting which is scheduled to start at 9:00a.

New Surveys & Reports on L.I.D. Page
**New** 2015 Lake Water Quality Report posted on the L.I.D. page.**New**

Check out the Aquatic Vegetation Survey and Nutrient
Reduction Report posted on the L.I.D. page too.

Bog Stakes Available
Bog stakes and stake drivers are available from Jim Macy, 320-285-2638 or George Brezinka, 320-285-2120. Be sure to review the information in the Permit To Destroy Aquatic Vegetation, a.k.a "The Bog Permit", before performing any work.
Note: Removing a bog larger than 8x8 ft. now requires that you notify Audrey Kuchinski with the DNR Fisheries Office.

Northern Pike (NOP) Regulation Results
2011 Update from the DNR
The DNR has posted results from years of northern pike regulations on area lakes.
Check out the Fisheries Information page.



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