Walleye stocking completed for 2020

Bosek Fisheries of Garfield, Minn., stocked more than 700 pounds of walleye fingerlings in Big Swan Lake on Oct. 15 and 19 for the LID and the DNR. Ryan Bosek empties a netful of young fish from the bottom of one of the tanks. On hand for the LID and lake association was Al Leinen.

DNR reports on lake gill net survey

The DNR conducted a gill net survey on Big Swan between July 20 and 24, using 12 nets. Al Leinen, board member of both the association and LID, talked with a DNR surveyor, who agreed to provide the followup report. He also indicated that in the future lake owners may be able to keep netted […]

Walleye stocking planned Monday, Oct. 19

Jim Bosek of Bosek Fisheries plans to stock Big Swan with this year’s walleye fingerlings tomorrow, starting about 10:30 a.m. at the public landing. This year he will stock around 330 pounds of 6-7-inch fingerlings, as approved by lake association members. The DNR is also expected to do its 2020 walleye stocking at the lake […]